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Using TmpgEnc Video Mastering Works 5 for downscaling EDIUS HD to PAL SD or NTSC SD with superb results, no downscaling artifacts, ideal for DVD production.

Make the following prefetch cache settings for further improvement

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Now you are ready to get started

Tmpgenc 6 Crack

Tmpgenc video mastering works 6 crack

1. Export your EDIUS timeline to Canopus HQ Fine Quality or Canopus Lossless. Be sure Edius project setting is set to Standard Color space conversion.

2. Start Mastering Works 5 and start a new project in Normal Mode

3. Click Add File and browse for the Canopus HQ

4. Sometimes the field order is not detected correctly, make sure you set it to interlaced if the source is interlaced, otherwise leave it on progressive

5. Click Filters

6. Select Picture resize filer and set like below for best results

7. Click Format and choose DVD-Video standard MPEG file

If your required output target is Canopus HQ.avi stop right here and jump to step 17

8. Choose your Video System, use CBR for short programs, VBR for long ones with 90min or more duration when using single layer DVD

9. set video bitrate to 7700 maximum and set audio to 256

10. Choose Elementary Video and Audio (in most cases) and then unlock the template with MPEG output button

11. Close the GOP and set the number of frames

12. In Advanced, set as below

13. Save the Template and type a suitable name

14. Click Encode and choose Export or Batch Export in case you want to encode more files

15. Next time you need to do a DVD, use the custom template and all you need to do is adjust the bitrate if needed in order to fit the content on the single layer or dual layer DVD.

16. The size indicator gives a clear picture of how full the disk will be as you adjust the bitrate, make sure you allow some overhead for the menu if needed.

This completes downscale and output to DVD compliant files

Optional output

17. Choose AVI file output

Tmpgenc Video Mastering Works Crack

18. Type the desired width and height, and choose progressive or interlaced depending on your source, choose Canopus HQ and set quality to Online Fine

19. make sure audio is set to 48000 Hz

20. Start a new EDIUS SD interlaced or progressive 16:9 project depending on your source file, right click the file and notice that aspect and field order are incorrect, in case of interlaced file. (Note that Edius disk burner will be unavailable when working in progressive projects)

21. Correct field order (if file is interlaced) and aspect ratio

(place in Documents/TmpgEnc/..Mastering Works 5/Template/Export folder)

Tmpgenc Full

(place in Documents/TmpgEnc/..Mastering Works 5/Template/Export folder)