TruckingOffice Basic makes it easy to dispatch FTL (Full Truck Load) loads. TruckingOffice Pro makes it just as easy to dispatch LTL (Less than Truck Load) loads. Once you put the loads into the Load. LoadPlanner will directly truck-load specified items if told to do so. If certain items or orders require special box, pallet or conteiner type - not a problem. Shipping rules may require that certain groups of orders must be loaded on separate pallets (shipments for different customers, or hazmat items) while still can ride on the same truck.

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Truck load planning software apps

Optimize Packaging Design

Size Shipcase and Carton

Configure Pallet Layout Lurzer's archive magazine download pdf editor.

Load Trucks & Containers

Build Mixed Pallets

At TOPS, we are here to help our customers during COVID-19. Most of us are working from home but can be reached by phone and emails. If you need assistance in getting TOPS software to work as you work remotely, please contact our Tech Support team via email or call 972-739-8677.

Incorporated in 1990, TOPS Software has been offering software for packaging design, pallet layout, truck loading, cubing, container loading, and cargo load optimization. We currently have over 10,000 worldwide installations, including corporate-wide licenses and automated black box servers for major players in the corrugated, automobile, food and beverage, technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Pallet Configuration: Skid layouts with optimized pallet layer patterns

Case Sizing: Calculate right-sized boxes to increase cubic utilization while reducing corrugated costs

Product Sizing:Optimize product size to maximize quantity per pallet and truckload

Mixed Pallet Optimization: Calculate the number of mixed SKU pallets for fulfillment at order entry

Cargo Cubing & Containerization: Mix products and quantities to optimize full container or truck loads

Truck Loading & Diagramming: Create 3D load diagrams of mixed cargo for efficient load planning

Available as Desktop and WebApp: On Premise install or as WebApp and run on any PC

Cargo loading optimization software

Mixed cargo load & cube optimization software for containers, trucks, and pallet loading

  • Eliminate guess work and accurately forecast orders to number of trucks, containers, and pallets.
  • Streamline communication of orders with 3D load diagrams and reports.
  • Calculate accurate freight metrics at time of order processing.
  • Optimize LTL less-than-truckload orders with efficient mixed pallets.
  • Improve weight distribution and balance axle weights.

Packaging Design, Case Sizing and Pallet Layer Optimization Software

  • Right size cases to maximize product on the pallet.
  • Reduce product damage in transit through box compression analysis.
  • Evaluate hundreds of pack-out and palletization scenarios ranked by efficiency.
  • Reduce transportation costs with end-to-end packaging optimization.
  • Create display and point-of-purchase pallets with custom graphics.

Truck Load Planner

Worldwide Users

Fortune 500 Customers

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Truck Load Planning Software Applications

  • It's the easiest, most intuitive, Load Planning Software. From the beginning we designed CargoWiz with the first-time user in mind. Our guiding principles are:
    Quickest To Learn
    Easiest to Use
    Our cargo loading calculator is meant for front-line people and managers. Don't like or can't afford to spend a lot of time reading help files or tutorials? CargoWiz is the one for you.
  • Powerful Drag and Drop Cargo Load Plan Editor
    Use your mouse to make adjustments to the load plan, or you can create the entire load plan as you like it
    A very rare feature! CargoWiz does it best-See it on:

  • Easiest to move CargoWiz to a different user or PC. Essentially, just uninstall on the old user's PC and install on the new user's PC.
  • Ongoing Support - While officially free support lasts one year, we have not actually charged for support beyond one year thus far.
  • Exclusive 'Spread My Cargo'Button. If the truck or container is only partially full, one click will rearrange the load to use more of the floor space, generally improving weight distribution and stability.
  • The 20 day Trial Download is Full-Featured. This means you can try it with your products and really know if it works for you. It downloads with one click - No forms to fill out. It is done anonymously.
  • Easy Import of your data.
    Worried about how you will get your cargo data into CargoWiz? Use copy and paste with our Wizard-like Excel import template to bring in thousands of products at once. See it here:

    There is also a provision for importation from company business systems. Often these have acronyms or brand names - ERP, WMS, SAP etc.
    (Of course you can just type product data into our cargo grid if you like.)
  • Container Advisor - Only CargoWiz does it right!
    'Container Advisor' lets you know the optimal container size or optimal mix of container sizes for your shipment based on shipping cost rather than just space.
    Optimal Container Mix, such as:
    This feature may pay for your purchase during the trial