Free Download 3 Packs: of KSHMR Vol.1-3 BundleI proudly present Sounds of KSHMR via Splice. I’ve included over 350 samples, crafted and organized from the perspective of a real producer and excluded any sounds I wouldn’t use myself.You’ll find basics like Kicks and Percussion as well as more unique folders like Hans Zimmer Horns and Stadium Claps. All samples are key-labeled where applicable and processed to sound good out of the box.Lastly, the pack features 120+ presets for Sylenth1 and Serum I created with the help of incredible sound designer 7 Skies. In both the presets and samples you will find signature sounds from my releases that you are free to experiment with in your own work.Respect.-KSHMRSounds of KSHMR Vol. 2I am proud to give you Sounds of KSHMR Vol 2. I’ve included over 1500 samples this time — four times the size of Vol 1 — in order to supply producers of every genre with the best tools available.You will find essentials like Kicks, Toms and Snares — all processed and key-labeled. But things get much more interesting. For example:– Animals: 38 animal sounds, processed and tuned to key.– Drum Loops: from Indian Percussion to crowds stomping in a gym.– Ethnic Instruments: unusual instruments from all over the world, playing melodies I’ve written myself.– Guitar Loops: three folders filled with chord progressions on Acoustic and Electric guitar.– Vocals: over 100 vocal shots, beds and loops to add a human element to your production.And much more.A few things I want you to bear in mind while using the pack:Key LabelsI’ve used them extensively throughout the pack, even on snares and claps. Take it with a grain of salt, not everything has to be perfectly in key all the time.The “Arabic” ScaleThere are a lot of scales associated with the Middle East. The one I refer to throughout the pack goes as follows, using the root of C:C —> C# —> E—> F —> G —> G# —> A# —> CIf these seems confusing, consider the F harmonic minor scale. The notes are the same. We are simply starting on the C, thus achieving the “Arabic” feel.The Animals FX FolderHave fun with this. The results might surprise you.Sounds of KSHMR Vol 2 is, in my opinion, among the most powerful and comprehensive tools ever offered to modern producers. It took a lot of time and I lost a lot of sleep, but I couldn’t be more proud of the result. Best of luck in all your creative journeys.Respect, KSHMRSounds of KSHMR Vol. 3Traverse endless genres, tour a world of sounds, and dive deep into the legendary KSHMR’s welcomed return to Splice – global instruments, risers, FX, crisp drums and more await.The story of Splice can’t be told without a chapter about KSHMR. Niles Hollowell-Dhar (KSHMR) uploaded his first project file for ‘Burn’ to Splice Studio in 2015, quickly followed by his Tiesto collaboration ‘Secrets.’ Since then, he’s released Sounds of KSHMR Volumes 1 & 2, two of the most popular sample packs ever released on the platform. In addition, his Lessons of KSHMR production tutorials exclusive to Splice have racked up over a million views on YouTube.#kshmrsounds of kshmr free download

Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol.5 is the last and final chapter in what might be the most used and renowned samplepack series in the world. With more than 4,250 wav files and 6 gigabytes of sounds, this masterpiece is truly the heavyweight champion of all samplepacks! Description: In July 20th 2020 I created this loop, I make an offset of a 122 BPM drum loop from Vengeance Nu Disco Vol.1, mixed with the 120 BPM drum loop from Vengeance Essential Deep House Vol.1 and added some percussions. Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol.3. Vengeance Studio Vocals Vol.1. It's all free when you download MEGA and it downloads directly into a folder with a.


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Yes, we did it one more time.Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol.5 is the last and final chapter in what might be the most used and renowned samplepack series in the world. With more than 4,250 wav files and 4.9 gigabytes of sounds, this masterpiece is truly the heavyweight champion of all samplepacks!Manuel Schleis and Manuel Reuter spent years developing VEC5, proving once again that they are among the best in the business. Every drum, effect, synth and loop has been carefully crafted with unbelievable attention to detail and pristine audio quality. In addition to its future-forward club sounds for EDM, and hip-hop chart-toppers, the pack also features many studio recordings of professional instrumentalists - everything from guitar and saxophone riffs to real, acoustic drums. A samplepack of this size and quality is one-of-a-kind.Don't miss this opportunity to join the VEC community in making the music of the future!This samplepack is available for purchase at


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