To express your choice or opinion, especially by officially writing a mark on a paper or by raising your hand or speaking in a meeting: She was too young to vote in the election. The committee voted on the proposal, and accepted it unanimously. For details of eligibility criteria or any other additional information related to electoral forms, kindly visit For any other technical feedback or issues on the portal kindly send your feedback to ECI Technical Support. Get the latest news coverage, live stream video, and photos on the 2020 Presidential Election. Live democratic and republican delegate counts, caucuses and primary results by state. Check your voter registration status to confirm that you’re able to vote in the next election. How to Get a Voter Registration Card. Learn how to get a voter registration card and what you can do if you need a replacement. How to Register to Vote. Learn how to register to vote and find the deadlines for voter registration in your state.

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For more information about COVID-19 in Georgia, please visit our resource page or call the Georgia COVID-19 hotline at 844-442-2681.

Registered voters in Georgia can vote in person before Election Day.

Early voting (sometimes referred to as advanced voting) can help Georgia voters avoid crowds or find a time to vote that’s better for their schedules in the weeks prior to Election Day.

How Do I Vote Early in Person?

  • Make Sure You're Registered to Vote

    You must first be registered to vote in the state of Georgia.

    • Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s website to verify that you are listed as active.
    • If you’re not registered to vote, visit this guide to learn how to register.
    • There are different registration deadlines for primary elections, general elections, and runoffs. You can find current deadlines on the Secretary of State’s website.
  • Know When Early Voting Begins and Ends

    • State law requires local elections officials to allow early in-person voting beginning on the fourth Monday prior to a primary or election, and as soon as possible prior to the runoff.
    • Early voting ends on the Friday immediately prior to Election Day.
    • The Secretary of State’s website has key dates for the current election cycle.
    • Local elections officials may allow early voting beyond regular weekday business hours, but it’s up to the county.
  • Find Your Early Voting Location

    Unlike Election Day, you do not have to vote at an assigned polling location during early voting. You may vote at any early voting location within your county. Find available early voting locations by visiting the Secretary of State’s website and selecting your county of residence from the list. You can also find available locations by logging into your My Voter Page and looking at your polling place information. If no information is available, it may be too early and you should check back closer to the early voting period.

    If you have questions about your available early voting locations or if it is closer to the early voting period and no information is posted, you can contact your county registrar for more information.

  • Vote

    • When you arrive at your early voting location, you'll need to bring a valid photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, or voter identification card.
    • The polls offer audio ballots for voters who are blind or have low vision, and booths for voters in wheelchairs. If you need help with your ballot, you can ask a family member or friend to come with you to the polls and fill the ballot in with your choices.
    • If you can’t vote in person – either early or on Election Day – you also have the option to request an absentee ballot to vote by mail.

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Vote Forward

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United States, formerly Long Distance Voter, is a nonpartisan[1]501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January 2008 in the United States by a group of professional investigators and voter advocates that initially sought to provide greater access to absentee voting information online.[2][3] Long Distance Voter was volunteer-led, but employs full time staff. provides online voter guides for every state, which include voter registration forms, and absentee ballot applications, as well as information on deadlines, directions, and ID and residency requirements.[4]


Long Distance Voter relaunched in April 2016 as with funding from Y Combinator.[5][3][6][7]

In March 2018, started a campaign to have companies allow their employees time off on Election Day 2018 in order to vote.[5][8]

During the summer of 2019, Andrea Hailey joined the organization as CEO.[9] Hailey has expanded programs[10] at times registering over 211,000 voters over a single week,[11] strengthened many of its existing partnerships[12][13] with organizations like USA Today,[14] Vote Save America,[15] and The Andrew Goodman Foundation,[16] and has secured new partnerships with organizations like the NAACP Youth and College Division,[17] the Transformative Justice Coalition,[18] the Black Church Action Fund,[19] GLSEN[20] and wikiHow.[21]

In June 2020, filed suit against Maine, in partnership with two citizens and the Alliance for Retired Americans, citing its inaccessible and out-of-date voting system. The organization claimed that the state was doing more to deter people from voting than encourage them. Some of the most prominent issues that flagged in Maine’s voting system were few voter registration options, a lack of prepaid postage, ballot collection hurdles, an Election Day receipt deadline, and rejection of absentee ballots that had technical defects—to name a few.[22]

Electoral Vote


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