Get all three games in the We Were Here Series in one handy bundle! These co-op puzzle adventures are centered around the sinister Castle Rock in deepest Antarctica. USD$22.99 Buy as a gift. I was patient, as one had to be, and grateful for what he had given me, and rarely in those years had I found cause to resent him. But now, as I imagined him with the rest of the lords, sitting by the hearth in the mead hall up in the fastness, while we were here-I was broken from my thoughts by the sound of church bells ringing out from the east. The first We Were Here was developed by Dutch studio Total Mayhem Games as part of a student project while studying at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.It was a student entrant for the Independent Games Festival 2018, and won the Best Indie Game Award in 2017 at the Indigo showcase in the Netherlands. It was released for free on Steam in February 2017, and later on Xbox One in. We Were Here Together is a standalone online cooperative adventure, the third entry in the We Were Here series. The game continues the communication-centered adventure in which you and a partner must solve puzzles on an urgent mission to save the expedition.

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We Were Here Too is an online only, first-person cooperative adventure, set in a fictional medieval castle. A game about teamwork through communication, discovery and immersion. As the sequel to We Were Here, it adds a whole new layer to the world of Castle Rock.
This game requires both players to have a working PC-compatible microphone.
As your final hour approaches, a large structure looms up in the distance - towering above the relentless storm. With nowhere else to go, you decide to enter this mysterious place, only to find yourself trapped inside… Will you be able to find a way out?

Your voice will have to lead the way.
Placed in the shoes of two expeditioners, lost in a castle frozen in time, the only possession you have left is a walkie-talkie.

The warmth of life has long left the halls of Castle Rock.
Immerse yourself in a thrilling experience as you and your partner puzzle your way through this abandoned fortress. Lose yourself in brand new environments and an original soundtrack.

We were not alone.
Darkness took over these once magnificent halls. Can you discover the truth behind this fate?
We Were Here Too features:
Challenging communication-based teamwork – Play the game with friends or make new ones through a new and improved server browser system
Different roles – Both players experience an asymmetrical storyline
Brand new puzzles and environments - Randomized puzzle solutions ensure no playthrough will be the same!
Soundtrack by the original composer behind
We Were Here
Plenty of secrets to be found and discoveries to be made
A dark, twisted mystery - Was your sacrifice really necessary? Further behavioral support champs.