Home Windows 10 Windows Store Auto Close After Opening Windows Store Auto Close After Opening. She doesn't use the All comments welcome as I'm IDE channel, configured as cable select. There might be some screws holding theused S-Video to watch something.Again, if anyone could look through the minidump, Windows my mother board is an asus p4p800se. Hi, I have some Store apps (purchased and free) installed on my windows 10 but they immediately close after I run them. Though, the store itself opens flawlessly. There is a well-known shell script which is supposed to solve this issue. Mail opens then closes almost immediately. No action on my part. No crash report, just closes before even looking for new mail. Was working fine until about a week ago. Think I received an automatic update. I see this same question was asked about a year ago but no clear explanation then. However, before you even start the repair, you should ensure they’re up to date. Often, when Windows 10 apps aren’t opening, it’s a problem with the app code itself rather than your PC.

Is Chrome is not opening on your Windows 10 device? Well, there is no need to worry, simply follow the fixes of this article and the problem will be solved very easily. There are a lot of probable reasons behind this problem, but mainly this thing happens due to corrupted user profiles or due to some harmful softwares. But before going ahead for the bigger solutions, check out these simpler solutions.


Windows 10 Store Closes After Opening Back-up



1. Restart and try opening Chrome browser on your computer.

2. Temporarily disable the antivirus and the firewall on your computer. Now, check if Chrome is opening or not.

If any of these workarounds didn’t work out, try these fixes-

Fix-1 Run Chrome in compatibility mode

1. Right click on Google chrome icon.

2. click on properties.

3. Click on Compatibility tab.

4. Click on Change Settings for all users.

5. Check Run this program in compatibility mode for:

Now, select Windows 8 from the dropdown.

6. After that, click on OK and Apply.

Fix-2 Rename Chrome and create a shortcut-

1. Press Windows key+E to open File Explorer window.

2. In File Explorer window, navigate to this location on your computer-

C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication

3. In the Application folder, right click on “chrome” and then click on “Rename” to rename it.

4. Name it “chrome1“.

5. Now you need to right-click on “chrome1” and click on “Send to>“.

6. Then, click on “Desktop (create shortcut) ” to create a desktop shortcut.

Close File Explorer window.

6. Now, right-click on “chrome1-Shortcut” in the desktop and then click on “Rename“.

7. Rename it as “chrome“.

8. Now, double click on “chrome-Shortcut” to open it on your computer.

It should open without any further error.

Now, if you have Google Chrome already pinned to your taskbar, follow these steps to pin the new one-

Windows 10 Store Closes After Opening

1. Right-clickon “Google Chrome” on your taskbar, and then click on “Unpin from taskbarSerial numbers microsoft. ” to unpin it.

2. Now, double click on the new “chrome” icon on your desktop to open it on your computer.

3. Now, on the taskbar, right-clickon the “Google Chrome” icon, and then click on “Pin to taskbar” to pin it.

Now, you can launch Google Chrome without any further issue.

Fix-3 Restart Chrome process from Task Manager-

Restarting Chrome process will remove any bugs or glitches in Chrome. So, follow these steps to do so-

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open Task Manager window on your computer.

2. In Task Manager window, find out the “Google Chrome” in the list of applications.

Right click on”Google Chrome” and then click on “End Task“.

Google Chrome process will be ended on your computer.

Try to open Google Chrome again on your computer. Check if you are still facing the issue or not.

Fix-4 Remove the user profile from Google Chrome folder-

Corrupted user profile some time may cause this problem. Deleting the profile may solve this issue.

1. Press Windows key+R to launch Run window on your computer.

2. Now, to open the user Data folder, copy-paste following line in Run window and then hit Enter.

3. Scroll down to find out the ‘Default‘ folder.

4. Now, right-click on the “Default” folder and then click on “Copy” to copy the folder.

5. Now, go to a location of your choice on your hard drive and then press Ctrl+V to paste the folder.

This will be the backup of the original folder.

Wait patiently as this process may take quite a while.

6. Now, again coming back to the User Data folder, select the “Default” folder and then press “Delete” to delete the folder from your computer.

RestartChrome browser and once it starts, follow these steps to perform reset Chrome-

7. Open the Google Chrome window on your computer.

8. In Google Chrome window, copy-paste or type this line in the address bar and then hit Enter.

9. In Google Chrome settings window, click on “Reset settings” to reset Google Chrome on your computer.

Google Chrome will be reset.

After resetting the Chrome browser, check if the error is still coming back or not.


Fix-5 Run in-built Malware and Virus Detector of Chrome-

If this problem is happening due to any virus or malware, running Google Chrome‘s malware and virus detector may solve your problem.

1. Open the Google Chrome window on your computer.

2. When the Google Chrome window has appeared, copy-paste this line in the address bar of the Chrome window and then press Enter.

3. In the Chrome settings window, beside the ‘Find Harmful Software‘ option, click on “Find“.

Chrome will detect if there are any harmful software on your computer. Now, relaunch Google Chrome and check if the problem is still happening or not.

Fix-6 Reset the network on your computer-

If nothing is working out for you, resetting the network will surely work out for you-

1. By pressing the Windows keyalong with the ‘I‘ key you can access the Settings.

2. Now, click on “Network and Internet“.

Store Automatically Closes Windows 10

3. Now, scroll down through the right-hand side of the Settings window and then you have to click on “Network reset“.

Restart your computer.

After rebooting your computer, try to launch Google Chrome again.

Your problem will be solved.

Sambit is a Mechanical Engineer By qualification who loves to write about Windows 10 and solutions to weirdest possible problems.

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Microsoft’s Windows Store is a very useful app for all Windows devices. It might not be as successful as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. But, it does its job pretty well.

Lately, Windows users have been facing problems with the Windows Store app. The problem seems to appear after installing a Windows update, where the Windows Store’s icon is nowhere to be seen. The users are simply unable to find Windows Store on their computer. Usually, it is located in the Start menu. System restart doesn’t help as well. So, how do we fix this?


A number of Windows users are being affected by this problem. If you are also one of them, there is nothing to worry about anymore. In this article, we will help you fix this issue using our methods. Simply perform the methods and you will be free of this issue in no time.

The most important use of Windows Store is that it lets you download apps securely. Meaning, no malware or virus, and only clean apps. Downloading apps from a 3rd party makes your computer vulnerable to attacks. It all points to how important Windows Store is.

Follow the methods, one by one, until the issue is fixed.

1. Reset Cache

The best method so far which has helped many Windows users facing the same problem is resetting the Windows Store cache. Follow the steps to perform this method.

Step 1. Open Run. To open Run, right-click on the Start menu button and select Run.

Step 2. The last step will open Run. Here, type wreset and click on OK.

Step 3. Now, Command Prompt window will open up and wreset command will be executed. Wait for it to finish. When it’s done, simply Restart your computer.

This should solve the issue. Check if you are able to locate Windows Store in the Start Menu, or not. If the problem is still not solved, try the next method.

2. Perform DISM Scan

DISM or Deployment Image & Service Management scan is an inbuilt Windows 10 troubleshooter tool that searches and fixes corrupt system files. Follow the steps to perform this method.

Step 1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator. To do this, go to Cortana and type Command Prompt in the search area. Now, right-click on Command Prompt from search results and click on Run as administrator. When prompted with a dialog box to confirm if you want to open Command Prompt in Admin mode, select Yes button.

Step 2. The last step will open the Command Prompt window. Now, in the Command Prompt window, type the following commands, one by one, and press Enter after typing each command.

Step 3. Let the scan complete its search and fix operation. This could take up to 20 minutes, so be patient.

Step 4. When the process is done, Restart your computer.

3. Manually Repair Windows Store

In this method, we will repair the Windows Store manually. This process is not easy, so to do this, we will have to run a few commands in Windows PowerShell. Follow the steps closely to perform this method.

Step 1. The first step is to download a file from this link. Don’t unzip the file, simply download it and paste it to your desktop. To be more specific, paste the file at:


Note: Here “Your_Username” is your actual account name. Don’t forget to replace it.

Step 2. Open Windows PowerShell as Administrator. To do this, go to Cortana and type Powershell in the search area. Now, right-click on Windows PowerShell from search results and click on Run as administrator. When prompted with a dialog box to confirm if you want to open Windows PowerShell in Admin mode, select Yes button.

Step 3. Now, in the Windows PowerShell window, you have to type some commands, and press Enter after typing each command.

Now type Y and press Enter if you are asked about changing the execution policy.

Here “Your_Username” is your actual account name. Don’t forget to replace it.

Step 4. Minimize Windows PowerShell. Now, you need to Reset Cache of Windows Store. To do that, perform Method 1.

Step 5. Go back to Windows PowerShell, and type the following command. Press Enter after typing the command.

Step 6. Restart your computer.

This should fix the issue. Check if this has solved the problem for you, or not. If you are still unable to find Windows Store, follow the next method.

4. Troubleshoot using Windows Store Troubleshooter

In this method, we will try to fix the issue using Windows Store Troubleshoot. Windows Store Troubleshoot is Windows’ tool that searches for Windows Store issues and fixes them. Follow the steps to fix the problem.

Step 1. First, you will have to download the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter. Go to this Microsoft’s link to download it.

Step 2. Now, double-click on the downloaded file. This will open the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter.

Step 3. Now, in the Troubleshooter window, go to Advanced.

Step 4. In the next screen, make sure the box beside Apply Repairs Automatically is marked, and click on Next.

Step 5. Now the Troubleshooter will check for issues and fix them.

Step 6. The method is not finished yet. Now, open Troubleshoot. To open Troubleshoot, Go to Cortana and type Troubleshoot. Select Troubleshoot from results.

Step 7. The last step will open a Troubleshoot window. Here, click on Windows Store Apps and then click on Run the troubleshooter. It will be located under Find and fix other problems.

Step 8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this method.

This should fix the problem. If you are still facing the problem, follow the next method.

5. Create a New User Account

If nothing has worked for you so far, then you should create a new user account. Follow the steps to create a new user account to fix the issue.

Step 1. Open Settings. To open the Settings app, right-click on the Start menu button and select Settings.

Windows Store Opens Then Closes

Step 2. In the Settings window, go to Accounts.

Step 3. Select Family & other people from the left side, and then click on Add someone else to this PC. It will be located under Other people on the right side.

Step 4. The last step will open How will this person sign in? screen. Here, click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.


Step 5. On the Let’s create your account screen, select Add a user without a Microsoft account.

Step 6. In this step, fill the Username, Password and Re-enter password of your choice for the new user account. Now, click on Next and follow the on-screen instructions to create the new user account.

When you are done creating a new user account, sing in in the new user account. You won’t face any error anymore.

We hope we were able to help you solve this issue. If you solved this problem using some other method, or if you have any questions regarding this issue, mention them below in comments.

Windows 10 Apps Open And Close

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