World Of Warships Starter Pack Experience naval combat like never before! About the game: World of Warships is the ultimate free-to-play MMO action game with equal access to all gameplay features. Over 300 WWI and WWII historic naval vessels such as Missouri, Bismarck, Yamato are yours to command in World of Warships.Starter pack available. This pack includes the incredible Arkansas, Iwaki, Marblehead, and Gremyashchy warships, 60 days of Premium time, massive amounts of Doubloons, Silver, and Boosters, and a selection of exclusive customization items. 95% off coupon on 'Exclusive Starter Pack' 1 trading card. It is unified for World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes, meaning when you purchase it for one game, you automatically get it for the others. You get access to exclusive pre-sales, meaning you get the opportunity to purchase vehicles before players who do not have a Premium Account. Hint: Tune in Wednesday, Oct.

About This Content
This DLC is not compatible with an account created outside of Steam.
Have you just started your way in World of Warships? Would like a nice boost to save your time and efforts? Or are you fond of collecting ships? Exclusive Starter Pack DLC offers you a wonderful set of bonuses, suitable for all these situations… and more!
: Get a magnificent Tier IV Premium Japanese battleship! She is perfectly balanced for a comfortable start, with a high speed and an impressive artillery. Note that Premium ships are unique and fully equipped, in addition to other benefits such as XP conversion, no penalties for Commander’s transfer, etc.
Port slot
: Don’t worry about lack of space in your port!
Commander with 6 skill points
: Hire a professional who can learn a variety of useful skills to enhance the performance of your ship. You can tune your gameplay style by distributing the points how you see fit!
Main Armaments Mod I
: An upgrade which increases survivability and accelerates repairs of main battery and torpedo tubes.
Damage Control System mod I
: An upgrade which reduces the risk of flooding or fire.
5x Steam containers
: Exclusive boxes that grant three random items from the list below:
- 250 Doubloons
- 5х Steam camouflage
-5000 Free XP
- Premium account for 1 day
- Combat Signals (Zulu, Zulu Hotel, Papa Papa, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot)
25x Steam camouflages
: Unique Steam-only designs which provide nice bonuses, such as
+75% to ship XP per battle
+75% to Сommander XP per battle
+75% to free XP per battle
-3% to detectability range by sea
+4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship
Steam memorable flag
: Show your love to Steam with a special flag with logo!


World Of Warships — Exclusive Starter Pack Crack Torrent

  1. Possible Royal Navy premiums not yet covered?

    Tun13 replied to Fodder1978's topic in General Discussion

    I was watching the BBC war of worlds last night and gutted that HMS Thunder Child was in it. I guess like many others I love to see this added to World of Warships.'here take my money' Always loved this album (Dad used to playing every Sunday morning on his record player)
  2. ST, Naval Training Center, free Premium Consumables and improvement of the matchmaker.

    Tun13 replied to Tanatoy's topic in Development Blog

    If this comes in and lets people able to have better versions of the same ships Ill be uninstall warships simple. I always found prestige systems to be uninteresting and regrinding the same thing over just don't do it for me. Never been one re do mutilate player thoughts or re-watch the same movies or TV shows over and over. If It dose come in it should be cosmetic unlocks not stats. playing Vs some who just has same ship but just better will take the fun out of the game for me after all there is already stat gaps like the captain skills and equipment do we really need more. if I get beat by some who is more skilled then me, It makes me wanna play more and get better at the game. If I get beat by some who spend more money then me or has had all the free time to grind none stop i will make me less likely to play the game at all. one of reasons I play warships over tanks is the gold ammo and how op some of the perm tanks are.
  3. Steam Sale

    Directx 11 download mac. Tun13 replied to Tun13's topic in Other

    How can a second party have better sales then wargaming it self. After all its all only game code, Its not like it has to do with shipping or production of the items that steam can do them cheaper. So because I have been a loyal wargaming customer for years and spending hundreds of pounds before they even teamed up with steam I get worst deals then some new player who just finds the game on the steam free to play listings. on top of that would of been nice to link my wargaming account with my steam to start with. Got to love Customer Loyalty. if any think wargaming should not match it, it should beat the steam sale. its still dose my head in that I can buy back old premiums I sold for the silver/credit price I got for them. wouldn't be awesome if when u get premium it just unlocks it one the tech tree so you can buy/sell,
  4. Hi, Just noticed the steam summer sale is on and it has some warships stuff for sale (list below) will wargaming be matching this sale as I had my account long before it was on steam and your unable to link my account to be able to get them. World of Warships - Exclusive Starter Pack: £19.49 is£4.87 World of Warships - Tachibana Lima Steam Edition: was£0.79 is£0.39 World of Warships - Smith Steam Edition: was £0.79 is £0.39 World of Warships - Yubari Steam Edition: was £3.99 is £0.99 World of Warships - Huanghe Pack: was £7.60 is £1.90 World of Warships - Marblehead Lima Steam Edition: was £7.60 is £1.90 World of Warships - Admiral Graf Spee Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - Texas Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - Anshan Pack: was £19.49 is £4.87 World of Warships - IndianapolisPack: was £37.99 is £9.49 World of Warships - Haida Pack: was £33.99 is £8 World of Warships - Monaghan Pack: was £33.99 is £8