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[Cleveland] United 1523, did you

Zero Dark Thirty Meeting Scene.

hear your company, did you hear..

[Cleveland] ..couple of

minutes ago, screaming.

[ExecJet 956] We did hear

that, uh, yelling too.

[United 1523] Yes I did, 797, and, uh,

we couldnt tell what it was either.

[Cleveland] ..trying to figure out

whats going on.. United 93, Cleveland.

[AA] AmericanAirlines emergency

line, pleasestate your emergency.

[Nydia Gonzalez] The flight attendant

is advising our reps that the pilot..

[Nydia Gonzalez] Everyones been stabbed

[Betty Ong] And um, I think there's Mace

[Betty Ong] ..that we cant breathe. I

dont know I think were getting hijacked

[Cooper] Hijacked aircraft

headed towards New York.

[Sgt. Powell] Is this

real world or exercise?

[Cooper] No, this is not an exercise.

[Betty Ong] Can anybody

get up to the cockpit?

[Nydia Gonzalez] What's going

on, Betty? Betty, talk to me.

[News] A plane's crashed

into the WorldTrade Center..

[Nydia Gonzalez] I think

we might have lost her.

[Brad Fetchet] Hey, Ma,

sure that you've heard..

[Brad Fetchet] that a plane

crashed into WorldTradeCenter One.

[CeeCee Lyles] Baby, you have

to listen to me carefully.

[CeeCee Lyles] I'm on a

plane that's been hijacked.

[CeeCee Lyles] I hope to be able

to see your face again, baby.

[CeeCee Lyles] I love you! Goodbye!

[Ladder 15] ..of another incoming

plane. We may have to take cover.

[Melissa Doi] Are they gonna

be able to get somebody up here?

[Dispatcher] Of course,

ma'am, we're coming up to you.

[Melissa Doi] Well, there's no one here

yet and the floor is completely engulfed

[Melissa Doi] We're on the

floor and we can't breathe.

[Dispatcher] Hold for one second, please

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Zero dark thirty free online

[Melissa Doi] I'm gonna die, aren't I?

[Dispatcher] No, no, no, no, no, no.

[Melissa Doi] I think I'm gonna die.

[Dispatcher] Ma'am, ma'am, now,

[Melissa Doi] I'm gonna die.

[Dispatcher] Look, stay calm,

stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.

[Melissa Doi] Please, God..

[Dispatcher] You're doing a good

job, ma'am, you're doing a good job.

[Melissa Doi] No, it's

so hot, I'm burning up.

[Dispatcher] ..fine,

they're gonna come get you.

[Dispatcher] Can anyone hear me?

[Dispatcher] Oh, my God..


I own you, Ammar.

You belong to me.

Look at me.

You don't look at me when

I talk to you, I hurt you!

You step off this mat, I hurt you!

If you lie to me, I'm gonna

hurt you! Now! Now, look at me!

Look at me, Ammar!

Come on.

- Nobodytalks to him.

- Roger that.

Are we gonna board

these windows up or what?

Just off the plane from Washington,

Zero Dark Thirty Maya

rocking your best suit for

your first interrogation,

and you get this guy.

- They're not always this intense.

- I'm fine.

Well, just so you know,

it's gonna take a while. He

has to learn how helpless he is.

Come on, let's get a coffee.

No, we should go back in.

You know, it's no shame if you

wanna watch from the monitor.

All right.

Zero Dark Thirty Accuracy

Might wanna put this on.

You're not wearing one?

Is he ever getting out?


Let's go.

Right now,

all this is about, simply,

is you coming to terms

Zero Dark Thirty Full Movie

with your situation.

It's you and me, bro.

I want you to understand that I know you

that I've been studying and

following you for a very long time.

That I could've had you killed

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in Karachi, but I didn't.

I let you live, so that

you and I could talk.

Then you beat me when my hands are tied.

So I won't talk to you.

Well, life isn't always fair, my friend.

Did you really think..

that when we got you, 'I

would get a nice fucking guy'?

You're a mid-level guy. You're

a garbageman in the corporation!

Community Voices features opinion pieces from a wide variety of authors and perspectives. (Submission Guidelines)

The release of the critically acclaimed film “Zero Dark Thirty” reignited debate about the U.S. use of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. For more than a decade, opinions about torture have been more often grounded in opinion rather than knowledge of how torture is really used in the world today.

“Zero Dark Thirty,” a fictionalized account of the hunt for and killing of Osama Bin Laden, rekindles the argument because as a nation, we have refused to fully account for our use of torture and cruel treatment, or to acknowledge the clinical, medical and scientific facts about torture.

Pop culture often depicts torture as a way of making a suspect or prisoner talk by applying a little physical pain, but that is not how it works in the world today.

Torture is a tool of repression used in more than 100 countries to control populations and destroy leaders through fear. Used by governments to stifle dissent, torture suppresses emerging movements and destroys what every citizen needs to engage in public life: trust in government institution, even trust in neighbors. The ongoing human atrocities in Syria are a horrible reminder that the use of torture, including the torture of children, still exists on an alarming scale.

Dismantling identity, humanity

Torture is not only about inflicting acute pain, but is a calculated and systematic dismantling of a person’s identity and humanity. It induces long-term suffering that leaves bodies and minds broken.

Torture is usually low-tech. Beatings are one of the most common forms of torture. But clinicians treating torture survivors increasingly see sophisticated form of psychological torture that leave survivors suffering from emotional trauma for years. Psychological torture doesn’t leave physical scars, one reason the United States used a combination of psychological abuse to increase suffering while leaving little physical evidence.

Disturbingly portrayed as normal and routine in CIA interrogations, the abusive methods shown in “Zero Dark Thirty,” from a medical, scientific and clinical perspective, constitute torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

Tantamount to a mock execution

Waterboarding is a method of torture that goes beyond the fear of suffocation. It is tantamount to a mock execution that can result in the survivor suffering psychological trauma for years. Mock executions leave survivors feeling they were already dead. Tragically, they often relive these near-death experiences in their nightmare or flashbacks.

Sexual humiliation has devastating mental-health consequences. Forced nudity and other forms of sexual humiliation are common because they so quickly accomplish the torturer’s goal – to leave victims ashamed, demeaned and grief-ridden.

These forms of abuse, as well as stress positions, isolation, sleep deprivation, and others also are frequently used in combination to increase the severity of the physical and psychological pain.

Last month, the Senate Select Intelligence Committee adopted its report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program after September 11, 2001. The report is now going through a declassification process at the CIA.

Report must be made public with few redactions

It is clear from the controversy stoked by “Zero Dark Thirty” that the report must be made public with as few redactions as possible. Only when the facts are known can we understand what went wrong and what must be done to prevent the use of torture again in the future.

For those who choose to see “Zero Dark Thirty,” it’s critical to understand the difference between Hollywood fiction and the facts. Abusive interrogation methods used and once authorized as U.S. policy are forms of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Their use marked a dark chapter in our nation’s history when our government was turned from a leader in the campaign to end torture worldwide into a perpetrator.

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Curt Goering is the executive director of the Center for Victims of Torture, an international nongovernmental organization based in St. Paul and dedicated to healing victims of torture.

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